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"I had 29 criminal charges, mostly felonies. As a result of Alan's hard work, I was able to get released from jail pending a trial without paying bail. Then he kept me out of jail despite the fact that I had been to prison seven times previously."


"Alan truly is a concerned lawyer. He responded to my family quickly and with expert advice and attention. Alan is a FANTASTIC lawyer and I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone. He cares about you and your situation and goes above and beyond the call of duty! Thanks Alan for all your help!"

Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer

An arrest can change your life. It can lead to conviction, incarceration, fines, court dates, and a whole world of stress. Not, to mention the feeling of hopelessness and depression that often accompanies those who are fighting criminal charges.  At the very least, arrest can lead to a criminal record, which means potential trouble with a record that follows you around everywhere. If you have been arrested, you may want to forget the entire experience in hopes that it might just go away. But, that is not a luxury you can afford. Active and aggressive action is the path that will lead you out of trouble and into a happier life.  Selecting an attorney that can help you make a strategy for your defense is the first step to making your way out of legal trouble. Contact Utah Criminal Defense attorney, Alan Buividas, today to find out what your options are.

We can help you with difficulties regarding the following:

Alcohol Offenses - Our office handles a wide range of alcohol offenses including public intoxication and minor in possession of alcohol.  Minor in possession is a serious charge because if convicted minor will not be able to get a driver's license until the age of twenty-one.
Assault – We handle misdemeanor and felony assault cases.  The first thing we look at is if the alleged victim is lying to the police and if the alleged assault was self-defense.  This could result in the charges being dismissed.
Disorderly Conduct – Making a public disturbance can result in a disorderly conduct charge, even if your in your own home.
Criminal Mischief – Breaking the property of another is considered criminal mischief.  If you have joint ownership of an object, it is still criminal mischief.  For example, if you break a picture frame that belongs to you and your spouse. The value of the broken object determines whether the crime is considered a misdemeanor or a felony.  If the value is over $1000 then it is a felony.
Domestic Violence – Any unwanted physical contact to a spouse, live-in girlfriend or other relative can result in Domestic violence assault charges. One consequence of a domestic charge is that you can never own or possess a firearm if you are convicted of a domestic violence. Further, you cannot own a firearm while your domestic violence charge is pending. This is a big concern for those who like to hunt
Theft – Theft and retail theft charges are serious because this is a crime of honesty and can result in job loss or prevent you from obtaining future employment.
Burglary – Entering into a premise with the intent to commit a crime is a burglary charge.  This can include theft or assault.
Animal Offenses – If your dog gets out of the yard or bites a neighbor, we can help you.  
Drug Offenses – We handle a wide range of drug charges from simple possession to distribution of a drug.
There are many types of drug cases. However, they all have one thing in common. If you are convicted of a drug charge, your driver's license will be suspended six months. It does not matter if you were in a vehicle or not. Judges will generally not tell you about this consequence. We can help you work through this.
Sex Crimes – We handle a wide range of sex charges including child abuse and statutory rape.
Gun Charges – We can help you with illegal possession of a firearm
Probation Violations - We can help you if you have been accused of violating probation
Traffic Offenses – We can help you with traffic offenses such as speeding, failure to yield right-a-way, and other offenses.
Illegal Search - If the police illegally stopped your vehicle then you might be able to have your case thrown out of court for violating the Constitution. Call us now for a free consulation and we can analyze your case to determine if an illegal stop occurred.
Illegal Stop - If the police illegally searched your person, home or vehicle, we can file a motion to have the evidence suppressed or the evidence thrown out of court.  Some people call this a techniqulity; Alan J. Buividas calls this the Constitution of the United States. Call us now for a free consulation and we can analyze your case to determine if an illegal search occurred.
Expungement – We can help you clear your record


Criminal Defense

An arrest can change your life. It can lead to conviction, incarceration, fines, court dates, and a whole world of stress. Not, to mention the feeling of hopelessness and depression that often accompanies those who are fighting criminal charges.

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DUI Defense

Every time the State Legislature gets into session they pass new laws to squeeze the life out of those who are charged with DUI. The problem is that not everyone charged with DUI is actually guilty.

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The decision to file bankruptcy is a difficult and painful process.  Sadly, individuals, couples, and businesses find themselves in situations resulting from circumstances beyond their control, where they are unable to properly service debt they have incurred. 

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