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DUI Lawyer In UtahCriminal  Defense LawyerBankruptcy Lawyer In UtahWills and Trust Attorney in UtahFamily Law Attorney in UtahIllegal Search Attorney in UtahIllegal Search Attorney in Utah


"I had 29 criminal charges, mostly felonies. As a result of Alan's hard work, I was able to get released from jail pending a trial without paying bail. Then he kept me out of jail despite the fact that I had been to prison seven times previously."


"Alan truly is a concerned lawyer. He responded to my family quickly and with expert advice and attention. Alan is a FANTASTIC lawyer and I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone. He cares about you and your situation and goes above and beyond the call of duty! Thanks Alan for all your help!"

Utah Adoption Attorney

Many adoptions begin with an agency, and some originate through private means. For example, a stepparent may desire to adopt his or her spouse’s children, or a birth mother may discuss the possibility of adoption with a friend or relative rather than working with an agency.

Because adoption can be a very emotionally charged event, it is important to have an attorney who understands the process and can help guide you through it. Adoption is a legal proceeding that is actually a fusion of two separate events: (1) the termination of the parental rights of a biological parent(s), and (2) the creation of legal parental rights in the adopting parent(s). Because the consequences of this process are monumental and generally irreversible, the court proceeds with caution, requiring strict adherence to procedures, background checks, and other filings.

An adoption case may take as little as a few months to complete or as long as a few years depending on the circumstances and desires of the parties involved. The assistance of an attorney is, therefore, invaluable whether it be helping those whose rights are sought to be terminated or to bring about the adoption for the hopeful petitioner. To find out how Utah Adoption Attorney, Alan Buividas, can help you contact us today.


Criminal Defense

An arrest can change your life. It can lead to conviction, incarceration, fines, court dates, and a whole world of stress. Not, to mention the feeling of hopelessness and depression that often accompanies those who are fighting criminal charges.

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DUI Defense

Every time the State Legislature gets into session they pass new laws to squeeze the life out of those who are charged with DUI. The problem is that not everyone charged with DUI is actually guilty.

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The decision to file bankruptcy is a difficult and painful process.  Sadly, individuals, couples, and businesses find themselves in situations resulting from circumstances beyond their control, where they are unable to properly service debt they have incurred. 

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If you are in need of a qualified attorney to respresent you in your time of need, make sure to call Attorney Alan Buividas at Compass Legal Services in Utah. We look forward to hearing from you.

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